maandag 23 november 2009

Not so lucky

A couple of weeks ago I posted a message about Lisa and her broken hockbone. We expected everything to be OK in a couple of weeks but unfortunately it did not turn out to be that easy.

The metal pin that was placed in her leg has worked it's way out after only a few weeks and had to be removed much earlier than expected.
Ever since the pin was removed she is not using her leg anymore and hopefully this will change in a short while but to me it doesn't look very hopefull :-(

Lisa really is the bravest dog we have, through all of her ordeal she stays happy and lively. we even tried to get out the pin with a local sedation and she was sooooo good :-)
Unfortunately the piece that stuck out wasn't long enough to get a good grip on so in the end she had to go under full anaesthesia to get it out.

I know Lisa trusts me in all I do and ask of her but never thought it would go this far. I am keeping fingers crossed for her that she doesn't need another operation but we will do all that is needed for her to be able to walk and play with the other dogs again :-)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Marcella, we will keep our fingers cross on this side.

    Good luck

  2. Sorry to hear about Lisa....I cross my fingres and hope for the the best. Good luck :o)


  3. Awww what a shame! What a wee trouper she is! Fingers'n'paws crossed everything settles down.