dinsdag 9 juni 2009

New family member ;-)

While I was unpacking my stuff yesterday I heared a sort of squeeky sound and although I first didn't paid much attention to it it got my attention when it got louder and louder.
I went over to the birdcage where we have two Kakariki males (who believe one of them is a female) and at the bottom of it there are 3 little Chinese quails.
They have been laying eggs for ages but none of them ever took the trouble to sit on them and usually we take out the eggs and get rid off them.
As they were laying so many eggs this time I decided to leave them there and hopefully this would stop them from laying new ones all the time.

Now when checking out where this little high sqeeky sound came from I noticed a tiny little Chinese quail was running around. It must have just came out of it's egg but none of the adult quails seemed to take care of it and because of the big Kakakriki's showing more than a little interest in the little 'fella' I decided it was safer to take him out and make sure he can grow up safely.
He's now in a little box with a little stuffed duck friend and seems to be OK.
He's so tiny it's amazing to see how self supported he already is. Couldn't resist making a picture of him while being on my hand to show how small he is
Make no mistake, it's quite a noisy little thing!

Long trip but well worth it

We did not have much to report the past few weeks and also just have been too busy for putting some minor things on this Blog.

We have been to another show last weekend, they were the 2 International shows in Portoroz (Slovenie). The first of these shows was a qualification show for Crufts 2010 and Albert Wight from England was supposed to be the judge.
I thought it would be nice to try and qualify Flirt under him or maybe our young girl Spooky so entered them both as well as our Australian little madman Trae.
Shortly before our trip I found out the judges had been changed and there would be no Albert Wight judging but a lady from Russia.
I decided to take the trip anyway and luckily I did!
All 3 of the dogs qualified at this show! Ch.Scotsdream Still O'thNite was CACIB dog and Best of Breed, Ch.Newdawn What's Up got the bitch CACIB and Dawnville Gotta Love My Looks got 1st Excellent in Junior class and therefore they all qualified for Crufts!!

The next day at the following show there was a judge from Rumania, Trae took 2nd place in champion class behind the lovely Ch.Mohnesee The Spellmaster (Res.CACIB dog the previous day) and in the end Trae ended up with becoming Reserve Best Dog (Reserve CACIB).
Flirt got another CACIB and again had to leave the Best of Breed to the dog. We had not entered Spooky at this show as in junior class she could not win anything, she was only there the previous day to try and get her at Crufts :-)

It was a long trip home again but the trip was well worth making, we have 4 dogs qualified for Crufts 2010 already now....

Here are some pictures of the trip:
Just a snapshot of Perry (Dawnville U Show Them How) who came along as a supporter and Flirt on the bed relaxing while I was unpacking the stuff.

A shot which I made while driving through Austria, it was raining and the clouds were so very low around the mountains.

The trip was almost 1300 kilometers one way but the roads are lovely and would have been even better if there were not so many roadworks slowing you down ;-)

This is Germany, great roads overthere and...... NO speedlimits!! :-)