woensdag 25 maart 2009


Forgot to show the 'trophy's' we won at the Belgian show:
Left is Flirt's and right is Howard's.
Do they come any uglier?? ;-)

A couple of years ago we won one as well, 'unfortunately' it broke when we got our gear out of the car.....

Think these two will be all the way in the back of our trophy cupboard.

dinsdag 24 maart 2009

Lucky weekend

Last weekend we had a lucky weekend with both our own dogs and others with their children.
I went to a national show in Belgium with Howard and Flirt, not many entries, only 10 Shelties but competition was good I think.

Howard won his class and in the challenge also got Best Male, so reliefed as he finally got his 3rd CAC and now we have only one more to go for his Belgian title.
After a couple of reserves this really made my day :-)

Than it was Flirt's turn, the ring was small and she needs a little more space to stride out but she behaved this time and got 1st Excellent in championclass so she could go into the challenge for Best Bitch.
Flirt also won the challenge and won her 1st Belgian CAC.
Now Howard and Flirt had to compete for Best of Breed and as I couldn't show both if them I gave Flirt to another exhibitor as she is the easiest to show of these two.
Howard got Best of Breed, maybe because I was handling him myself but Flirt also was very naughty on the move with her 'new' handler.

Howard also became under the last 10 of the FCI group 1 but wasn't placed as they only placed 3 of the 10 they had picked.

On Sunday there was a clubshow in Germany where some children of Trae and Howard were shown.
In the juniorclass bitches (9) 3 out of the 4 bitches placed were by our dogs.
Trae's daughter Black Magic from Marmorea's Shelter got 1st and won her 2nd Junior CAC. Howard's daughter Green Paradise You Light Up My Life got 2nd and another Trae daughter (Green Paradise Another Day in Heaven) got 4th in this class.

Congratulations to all owners!

zaterdag 14 maart 2009


A short while after we had lost Scott, Thea had asked me for some pictures of him as she was going to have his painting made for me.
Yesterday it was finished and we picked it up. It was very confronting to see the painting but it is absolutely LOVELY and has captured Scott right as he was.
Here's a picture of the painting:
The painting shows Scott's head as well as him standing, the little teddybear in front was Thea's idea because Scott was our big orange teddybear.
It is still very difficult for me to look at the painting but as soon as I have it framed it will be put up on the wall of the living room where Scott's picture is now.

Thank you Thea and Addie for having the painting made, it is abolutely stunning. I owe you guys ;-)

dinsdag 3 maart 2009

BIG News!

I have really BIG news that I need to share :-)

Last Sunday we headed off for the CACIB show in Groningen (NL) with Flirt and Tia and had no expectations at all about how we would do
All I knew was that this was one of the few chances I had in the coming months to show Flirt in The Netherlands as we have a lot of Dutch judges coming up and it is no use to enter her under them despite the fact she is very moderate.
She will just never win because she will only be judged on where she comes from, waste of money and time so we will go abroad: much more fun and less irritation.

Anyway, in Groningen 44 Shelties were entered and Tia was the first of my ladies to get into the ring.
She got 2nd with 'Very Good' as the judge said she was carrying too much weight, in her report she said something about mamma being a good cook but it is more a matter of Tia being a good thief......
Anyway I didn't mind, with what she had done in the males I already knew Tia would not be what she was looking for, she looked lovely despite the fact she dropped her coat last week and I bathed her without grooming first so it was one big mess and I had to take all the undercoat out.
This picture of Tia in the ring was send to me (thanks Ineke!):

Than it was Flirt's turn in championclass in which she was alone, she got 1st Excellent and had to get back in for the challenge.
She won Best Bitch with CAC and CACIB (CACIB was withheld in dogs, the winning male was too young and the reserve male did not get it).
She than had to compete against the Best Male which she also won (thank you Beate for raisig such a gentleman, leaving victory to the ladies LOL).

Best of Breed winners are obligated to compete in the group competition here in The Netherlands, in lots of countries it is your own choice if you do or you don't.
I hate it to be forced to stay as Shelties are generally not taken very seriously in the group.
This time it was different, Flirt was with the last 9 of the group, another 4 had to leave and she was still in!! The last 5 were being placed so we were at least among them.
5th place was given, 4th place, 3rd place and we were still there.....
Than 2nd place went to the other dog and it was just me and Flirt standing there so we were 1st in that very large FCI group 1 !!!!
Little Flirt never put a foot wrong, showed her little socks off untill it was time to take pictures :-(

If I am not mistaken this is only the 3rd time in about 8-10 years when a Shelties wins this group in The Netherlands.

We immediately had to go back to the collection ring for the Best in Show judgement and in we went again with the other groupwinners.
Another judge so he had a look at all the dogs again and than came the placement from 10 to 1.
Flirt got 6th out of the final 10 dogs and we were really over the moon!! 2300 dogs and she got 6th!
We are so thankful to Guy and Mark for letting her come overhere, she's the most wonderful little girl to live with and loves to show off.
Here's a picture of Flirt in the big ring:
Flirt's next shows are already planned but whatever happens, they do not take this away from us anymore!!