donderdag 3 september 2009

Long time...

Due to several circumstances I haven't posted anything on this blog for a while.
Hopefully things are a little more relaxed now and I have some time for less stressfull things :-)

We had our little blue girl Tinsel mated in England by Mohnesee Mr Palmer. This is a repeat mating that gave us a singleton puppy last year: Dawnville Gotta Love My Looks.
Hopefully we will have more than one this time, Tinsel appears to be in whelp so fingers crossed I will finally have my tricolour!
We only seem to be able to breed blues for the past years....

We also had Flirt mated using A.I.
We had no other option as Flirt could not yet enter the country where the male is living and came in season already so we decided to use chilled semen.
It was a stressfull situation when it looked like if FedEx could not deliver the package before the weekend but luckily they managed to do so and delivered the semen Friday afternoon.
Flirt was inseminated Saturday and Sunday and now it's keeping fingers crossed we did not go through all this for nothing.

If it works out than maybe we will try another time with frozen semen as so many more males become available that way ...
But just let us wait and see what happens with this mating :-)