maandag 23 november 2009


It has been awhile again sice I last posted something but our puppies have kept us all busy.
They are a lovely bunch of babies but complete HOOLIGANS!

Ever since their eyes opened they decided the whelping box was too small, two days after that their puppy pen was too small (according to them) and since they are 3 weeks of age they are running freely among our other dogs...

We had a hard time to decide which one of the bitches was the one to keep as both had points we are looking for but maybe the easy going nature of one of them made the final decision.
Time will tell if we were right and if not..... at least we made someone else happy with her choice for the other female ;-)
Here are some pictures of them which we made last weekend:

Dawnville He's Got That Bling:
Dawnville How Do Ya Like Me Now:Dawnville Honey I'm Home:Dawnville High Five To My Friends:
Coming Wednesday they will have their eyetest done, both parents are genetically clear of CEA/CH but ofcourse there are many other things that might be there ......

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