zaterdag 19 december 2009


As I was going to pick up food for the dogs together with Thea I took a few of the dogs to let them play in the snow.
As we do not very often have a lot of snow the dogs have the time of their lives these days.

Howard is always in for a game and really goes out of his mind when you throw things for him to chase. He looked so cute with the snow on his face :-) Ofcourse Trae was also playing in the snow, Howard and Trae have never been best friends but just ignore each other as much as possible.
Sometimes Trae gets a little over excited and plays very wild with the other dogs, today was one of these days and he chose Howard as his 'victim'. Howie was not very happy with this and told Trae to back off.....
Trae very easily submits himself to Howard as he is not actually trying to be the boss anyway, for him it is all just a joke. For Howard it is not so after Trae is throwing himself on his back Howard does not allow him to get up untill he thinks Trae has gotten the message:
Trae really doesn't mind, after this he gets up and plays along with the girls. Neither of the boys ever have a scratch and although it looks and sounds serious, it is not for along untill they play together again as long as Trae keeps it calm.

This week also Megan saw her first snow and it was already hard to get her inside, since we have snow it is impossible ;-)
Today she had so much fun with her friend Abby:
Impossible to make a decent picture of her as all she did was running. She was so tired, once we were at home she slept for the rest of the evening!

Isn't she cute?

And last but not least a picture of Megan's partner in crime: Prada, also known as Grandgables Snappy Dresser :-)
Prada now is 6 months of age, the most mischievious little man you have ever met and a great teacher for Megan.
Prada's name does him justice as he designs a complete new interior for Thea and Addie and re-designs all their doggy toys ;-))
The Devil wears Prada ..........Hahahaha!!!

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  1. Great pic Marcella :)
    all the best for you and the dogs.

  2. Prada is such a beautiful pup!
    Beautiful pics of all your shelties.

  3. 人類最大的悲劇不是死亡,而是沒有掌握有意義的人生..................................................